About the Go Go Bus

The Restoration of an A100


The Go-Go Bus was lovingly retrofied to the unique vehicle it is today

Before Restoration


This picture was taken in March ’99. One of the few photos I have of the Go-Go Bus before it was restored. The dog was my faithful companion Bo helping with the restoration.


Another picture before the restoration. I couldn’t wait for it to be finished so I drove it looking this hideous. That’s my nephew Seth. We were in Morehead, KY visiting Millard.


Bruce accompanied me on one of the many parts hunting trips for the Bus. Near Andover, Ohio I spotted a house with old cars and a A100 van. I left a note asking about the van. Six months later I return to inquire again only to find an empty lot. The place had burned down.

After Restoration

Chrysler Show Carlisle, Pa.


Arial view from a lookout
Antietam Battlefield, Maryland


Under the mighty oak
the Geauga Fair, Ohio


On the road
Oil City, Pennsylvania


Garrettsville Summer Fest
Garrettsville, Ohio


Late winter day
LaDue Reservoir, Ohio


No one believes me when I say the Go-Go Bus has feelings. Well look at this photo. It was left out during a snowstorm. The following day lo and behold there she was snow covered and frowning.


Yes, I cook quite often in the Go-Go Bus. Just ask the many guests that I’ve invited in for dinner.


These are views of the interior. I added the spice racks by the exhaust fan.


What lies behind the beaded curtain?
The most comfy bed ever.

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