Nipa Hut serves authentic Philippine food. Not one hint of anything American unlike some Asian restaurants that make their menu to satisfy the American taste bud.

The buffet on Saturday gives you an opportunity to eat like Filipinos do without going overseas. It has different soups like pork sinigang and main dishes consisted of humba, pinakbet, pancit bihon, pancit palabok, fried tilapia, kare-Kare, eggplant omelet, tocino garlic fried rice, lumpia shanghai(mini spring rolls), vegetable eggrolls, Dinuguan, roast pork,sisig, dried fried fish. For desert you can order halo halo, leche flan,biko (caramelize sticky rice) bilo-bilo (cassava), guinataan and drinks like mango, guyabano juices, ice cream with ube flavor (purple yam), mango juice and more . .

After eating in the restaurant make sure you browse the mini Filipino store that is connected to it. All kinds of eats and treats to bring home.

Nipa Hut is the only Filipino restaurant around and people have come from as for as 8 hours away to eat here.

If you go tell the owner Poli I said hello.


6775 W 130th St, Cleveland
(440) 842-7333