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Ever since I was just 6 weeks old I've been traveling.


 That first trip, according to Dad, was in a ’63 Buick station wagon, pulling a 12-foot Hi-Lo, filled with Dad, Mom, three kids and Uncle Joe. We were off to Cumberland, Kentucky.

Needless to say I don’t remember much of those early trips. Well, as soon as I was old enough to drive, off I went on my own, traveling the back roads and only when needed the main highways. In doing so, I have met the most interesting people and saw the most unique sights.

Another habit of mine is to shop at the little Mom and Pop shops and rarely do I eat fast food or at the corporate restaurant, but usually at the little diner or family restaurants. Some of the places look condemned from the outside but seldom has a meal been disappointing.

Hey, once I ate breakfast at a cab company which doubled as a restaurant – no kidding!

I also have that knack for finding little towns with friendly people
who have countless stories waiting to be told.

This site is dedicated to these people.

Gotta GoGo,